Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Vacation, The BushMan, and The Economy

Well, I'm finally on my first summer vacation (and not working) since I was twelve. I've been looking forward to this for a year...thought maybe I'd take some drives around the Southwest to finally see the Grand Canyon, etc. Then the Recession hit - foreclosures, record high gas prices - over $4/gal., and the end of my dream. Bush and his oil cronies are incredibly greedy people!!! So, instead, I'm sitting around my house (I'm blessed to have one, unlike so many these days) screwing around on MySpace, putting together my photography portfolio, editing and adding to my two books, and contemplating life. Don't feel too sorry for me, though. I did have the opportunity to train to become a National Geographic Teaching Consultant. I was one of 4 from my hometown, along with 9 others from 3 States. We all took content classes here for one week, then got flown to Reno, NV for the field geography part of the class for the next week. While there, I also used the opportunity to expand my photography portfolio. I was so inspired. It felt so good to be away from home, see someplace new. The other great things about this were meeting some great people, learning new things, finishing with 3 graduate credits in geography from UNR (which I paid for), and the whole trip was free, including breakfast, lunch and dinner!!! What a wonderful opportunity! The one requirement was to make a presentation during the class and to also present at GeoFest next Spring. I hope I'm chosen for the Advanced Training next year. It's going to be up in the Pacific Northwest at Cascade and Olympic National Parks. Keep your fingers crossed!

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