Monday, August 11, 2008

Should We Re-elect Our Leaders?

I have already informed my Representatives and Senators that I may not be voting for them in the next election. When "our" representatives purposefully voted to remove our constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms, they chose to no longer represent the people of this country; neither did they protect and defend the Constitution, which they swore to uphold when elected. I believe that We the People need to "clean house;" demand free, clean and fair elections with a real paper trail; outlaw lobbyists; and only allow publicly financed campaigns with reasonable spending limits. Part of cleaning house must include putting an end to the cross pollenization between corporations and our government, especially in the area of shared jobs. Corporate entities flagrantly go back and forth between high-level corporate and government jobs (both appointed and elected), in order to unduly influence and craft policies, reports and laws to advance their corporate interests. Their ethics have consistently been left unquestioned and unchallenged, and there has been little recusal. As a result, we now have a government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations. As for our no-longer-free press, resume your role as the Fourth Estate, corporate policy and advertising dollars be darned. Each and every one of us must stand up and demand change or this will continue! Whatever you believe, please do question everything, and absolutely do get out and vote!

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