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"To Coup or Not To Coup?" Asked a Little Boy

Here's a story that may or may not be true. You decide. You react to it how you will.

The Man Who Would Be K...President

Years Ago
Once upon a time, there was a little boy. This little boy listened attentively to his grandpa, Prescat, tell stories about taking over and running a country. They'll make so much money that they'll never want for anything and they'll live like kings! They'll control the lives of all their subjects, take over their subjects' lands and money. They'll run the corporations and be all-powerful! The boy dreams...maybe I could be king...or maybe I'll just call myself president so I can fool the people...

Some years later...
The little boy has become a man, and recollects the stories his grandfather once told him. He considers how his family can best convert them from fiction into reality...

To begin with, my father has finally become President of the United States and we'll build more wealth during his tenure when my uncle and our other cronies create a savings in loan scandal. This will enable our family to make a dry run at putting into place some of the elements of our plan and provide some capital with which we can put our precious plan into full action during my reign, oops, I'd better say tenure, as President. We're doing to this to test what the American people will allow, and will wait until the time is right to make our move.

January 20, 2001
News Release: Small Streets Journal
A new President takes the Oath of Office saying, "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

News Release: Small Streets Journal
After the other barn failures, bailouts and takeovers, Woo Moo, the nation's largest savings and loan cow, was seized by the Federal Barn Insurance Cowporation. This is, not only the second savings and loan cow scandal, it is the largest cow failure in US history, and the history of the entire world. Right after that, it was rescued by a Morgan horse that Chased and caught it's assets at a discownt. Now the Morgan owns the mortcowges of a huge amount of US citizens.

The man thinks, we're almost ready for a complete takeover. The best thing to do is to hide in plain sight. Confuse the public with partial truths. We must deal with that blogger. I know, I'll just tell the people that there's a terrorist, a blogger who is trying to spread disinformation to undermine the government and that we have the terrorist in custody. Everything is under control. Well, time to make my address to the nation.

"Good morning, friends. The government is secure and our economy is fundamentally sound. In an effort for my administration to remain transparent, I must disclose the words of a blogger the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have identified as a terrorist bent upon inciting panic in the populace. As you read the blogger's words, you'll be able to see for yourself that this terrorist has a very active imagination. My friends, the terrorist is already in custody thanks to the rapid response, sharing of information and teamwork between agents in both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. So, now, all will be fine, so long as we quickly pass the Bailout Legislation. If we don't, I'm certain that the collapse of our economy is imminent!

Friends, here is the entirely erroneous statement that the Blogger published:"

A Government in Shadow is Rising Up to the Light of Day

The United States is under attack. With elections coming in November and their free reign of power and money acquisition in jeopardy, they have pulled out all stops to implement their final power and financial-grabs, get all they can without a fight, and fully take over our country! Yes, I am saying their coup is almost complete.

The Plan: Overthrow the United States in 8 Years

Steps to Takeover:
1. Place your people in positions of power, such as Governor, so you can steal elections through fraud, voter disenfranchisement, corrupt officials, and funny math.
2. Use fear and terror to create panic and strip the people of their Constitutional freedoms, including their right to privacy and habeas corpus. (US Constitution, Article I The Legislative Branch, Section 9 Limits on Congress: The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.)
3. Use intimidation and harassment to prevent demonstrations and written and visual communications in protest of oue actions, including H.R. 1959.
4. Use unconstitutional domestic spying to intimidate citizens, create lists of opponents, and create files on Americans, including their personal and financial information.
5. Take control of the press by creating corporate monopolies and use the threat of withdrawal of advertising dollars to influence editorial policy and truthful reporting of the facts. Example: Fox News report on Monsanto - see YouTube for video.
6. Arrest journalists and photographers, brand them as terrorists, and put some on the "No Fly" list, preventing them from doing their jobs.
7. "Encourage" the largest private army in the world to be formed and remain on US soil. Hire them, as a test run, to occupy and patrol New Orleans fully armed and with orders to shoot to kill, after Hurricane Katrina. Hire them, paying them much higher wages than your own country's soldiers, to fight alongside those soldiers in your illegal war. Make certain this army is in three locations in your country, forming a triangular pattern from which they can deploy to enforce marshal law, when it is declared.
8. Steal power away from the Legislative Branch and put people in the Judicial Branch to create the greatest imbalance of governmental power in American history.
9. Appoint people to high positions in such Departments as FEMA, FDA, OMB, and EPA who refuse to recuse themselves while, essentially still-working for their former private-sector employees (as they go right back to working for them after they complete their task of influence-wielding) to pass/influence policies and legislation favorable to private-sector employers. These same policies were unfavorable, unhealthy, and downright dangerous to the health and security of the American people and their environment. Some of these private-sectors companies include chemical companies that create genetically modified seed and food, chemical companies that still remain unsecured from terrorist infiltration and attack, oil and financial companies that have fixed prices and speculated to further drive up prices.
10. Continue to provide subisidies and tax relief to major corporations making record-breaking profits, to transfer public US dollars into the private sector.
11a. Create an illegal war based upon false information.
12b. Give cost-plus, no-bid contracts to our friends and former co-workers.
13. Take the budget surplus and create the largest budget deficit in our country's history, essentially transferring billions of dollars of government money, the people's tax dollars, into "corporate" hands.
14. Refuse to follow, and break the rule of law of the USA.
15. Refuse to follow/break international law, the Geneva Convention, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
16. Create a second, false "bubble" in oil prices, creating fear and panic in the population (for the third time), creating the false "want" that has the unsuspecting public pressure legislators to "Drill, Baby, Drill." This will open more public lands (on- and off-shore) to private sector corporate control and more profits, when these same corporations haven't been drilling the lands they already have, and knowing full well that it won't reduce the price anyway (since we own less than 4% of the world's oil supply and don't have any say in setting the price - that would be under OPEC's control).
17a. Manipulate the law, regulations, and the financial markets to create widespread foreclosures, corporate and financial institution failures.
17b. Through widespread foreclosures, strip American citizens of private property ownership, putting their private property into the hands of the Executive Branch of the government and our friends in the private sector.
17c. Transfer over $1 trillion dollars of United States citizens' money into private-sector hands through already completed bailouts and takeovers.

What they're doing right now...
18. Force legislation through Congress, using the same-old terror and fear-based panic by saying demise is imminent, to transfer further Constitutional and Congressional power and another $1 trillion to the Executive Branch/Treasury, where it will be placed into private-sector hands, including foreign governments and foreign companies, without any oversight.

The Resistance:
Citizens far and wide call, write and visit the offices of their legislators to oppose the Bailout. They take to the streets, en masse, to protest. Journalists, photographers and videographers of local, state, national, and international press organizations widely report this groundswell of protest. Citizens demand impeachment of top leaders (US Constitution, Article 2, Section 4 - Disqualification. The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.) and the arrest of those responsible for the collapse. People march on the Capitol, as was done in the '60's in protest of the Vietnam War. The people work together, as one, to put a stop to this.

The next steps, if The Resistance loses:
19. Take control of American's savings, retirement and investment accounts, making it impossible for citizens to have the money to fight back, buy essential goods and services.
20. Declare marshal law and institute country-wide curfews.
21. Confiscate all private weapons.
22. Shut down internet communications.
23. Require citizens to carry and show government identification cards.
24. Limit travel of all citizens.
25. ID chip citizens, instead of tattooing them, as did the Nazis.
26. Round up all those who protest.
27. Send protesters to waiting FEMA detention camps. (See YouTube videos.) They're surrounded by barbed wire pointing inwards to prevent escape and are situated along major interstate, rail, and/or airline routes - and, yes, they really DO exist. Question: Why are there millions of FEMA coffins stored alongside roads? Look for them in YouTube videos, again - yes, REALLY!
28. Reconstitute the government, rewarding cronies and friends and detaining opponents (see #27).
29. Figure out what to do with all those people (see #27), because, GOSH they cost A WHOLE LOT OF ALL OUR NEWLY ACQUIRED MONEY to transport, keep fed, watered, clothed, housed, and guarded!
30. Perhaps use all of those coffins. After all, we wouldn't want our hard-earned money going to waste on those people, just average citizens, would we?

The President thinks, "If only the people really knew how close that blogger is to the truth! Where are we in our plan now? Hmmmm...
Habeas corpus...gone
Right to privacy...gone
Freedom of press...reduced
Freedom of speech...reduced
Universal Declaration of Human Rights...ignored
Geneva Convention...ignored
Extension of Executive Powers, including over other branches of government, thereby increasing control over the people...done
Disregard for US Constitution and rule of law...done
Control over the peoples' finances through the largest transfer of wealth in human the tune of now over 2 trillion dollars over the past two weeks and completed today!
Takeover and control of private property...continuing.
Our plan is almost complete!"

News Release: Small Streets Journal
Economic Collapse Requires Government Reconstruction
As citizens of the Homeland struggle to pay their bills while corporations and financial firms collapse, the government has made a bold move to restructure itself. The newly restructured government has declared marshal law and restricted all travel for the safety of all citizens. Citizens who have lost their homes or who cannot pay their bills will be taken to FEMA camps that will provide for their daily needs until they can, once again, stand on their own two feet. The Homeland will be implementing further changes as necessary.

And the few of the coup lived happily ever after.


Is this patently pathetic paranoia or tyranny's terrifying truth?

Does the fact that the final steps in the coup happen in a leap year and the year with the most auspicious date in the Chinese calendar of 08-08-08 serve to guarantee it's success? Okay, now I'm getting silly, but one has to look for humor of any kind wherever one may find it, in order to keep one's chin up.

Check out the Fourteen Defining Characteristics of Fascism:
and the economy of Fascism:

Since it may have been a while since you've read it, here is the link to The Declaration of Independence, in which our founding fathers explain why they revolted against the King of England in order to form a new nation. I think you'll be surprised at the similarities between the experiences of the British subjects over 200 years ago and those of the American people today.

In addition, here are the links to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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