Friday, December 26, 2008


It has been sooooo cold here. The water in the birdbath froze and I actually had to wrap the outside hose bibs. I'm sure many of you think I'm a lunatic for believing 29 degrees Fahrenheit is really cold, while you're suffering at temperatures below zero. However, you must also remember that we regularly see many summer days with the heat cooking us at temperatures hovering around 115 degrees. The saying, "but it's a dry heat" means nothing after 106 degrees. Hot is hot. After so much heat, this freeze comes as rather a shock. I used to say I loved being able to drive to the snow only 40 minutes away during winter. This year, we got 8 inches of snow and our schools had a snow day. It was beautiful! Unless you needed to get anywhere. My city only has one snow plow! It's usually reserved for the highway along mountain passes; not the valley streets! Yes, there is great beauty in the cold, but I'd still rather live in a warm climate (although maybe not quite so hot as 115 degrees).

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