Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Ultimate Checklist

Whatever you are doing, ask yourself whether or not your choices do, on a global scale...

1. equally protect and defend all people from harm and exploitation
2. prevent illness and/or death, without causing harm
3. protect and defend the natural resources of the planet from pollution, overuse, exploitation, and habitat destruction
4. empower all people, including marginalized populations
5. benefit all people and the planet, not just you and yours
6. create equality in justice, safety, economics, and resources (including jobs for fair pay) for all people, including the marginalized
7. improve the living and working conditions of others
8. create peace rather than war

If you cannot answer yes, then how can you modify your choice so that you can answer in the positive? If we are all cognizant of how and what we do affects others, we will have a more humane and peaceful world.

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