Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Living a Bigger Game

As I grew up, I always dreamed of doing great things. At this point in my life, that goal has not yet been realized. The good news is that I'm still alive and have the opportunity to rectify that situation. Now, the question is, how do I live that bigger game?

Sitting back in fear, inability to stretch due to lack of confidence, or just plain letting everyday life get in the way are no longer viable choices. Unfortunately, I can't just say "Bam!" like Emeril, and kick my life up a notch. The most important thing is to do things before I'm ready, because waiting has gotten me nowhere towards reaching my higher mission in life.

One solution is to network to find like-minded people by joining organizations and taking classes. Another is to finalize my books and get them published. Learning how to improve my public speaking and speaking up at public events would increase my chances. Blogging is one more conduit through which thoughts and ideas can be effectively communicated. I've already begun taking some of these steps. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated. If any of you have created and spread your life mission to the world, how did you go about living a bigger game?


  1. Reading this the only flag that popped up was to try and stay focused on one thing at a time. One of the reasons I don't feel I have accomplished more with my life is my desire to do too many things all at once. Getting your books finished and published is a great thing to focus on. Drive towards it with all your might, your mind open to learning about the process, but your heart certain of your voice and talent.

  2. Dear PurestGreen,

    Thank you for your sincere suggestion, as you got right to the heart of the matter. I truly appreciate that. I will follow your advice and work to get my books completed and published this year. Sometimes, a little encouragement or push goes a long way.

    As for your writing, I enjoy your blog very much. I look forward to every new post and hope that you continue to post for many years to come. Take care!



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