Sunday, April 11, 2010

Income Tax, Corporate Persons, and We the People

How about the Tea Party getting rid of taxation without representation? Federal income tax, by law, was to be paid only on money earned across state lines. Not many of us do, and we should not have to pay it. Since many politicians vote for what's best for corporations, and corporations can now greatly influence the course of elections, who's representing we the people? Murray Hill, Inc.'s satirical application for candidacy to run for Congress may have been turned down by Maryland's Secretary of State, but what if the corporate person had registered to vote and was older than 25? This would have been the first test of corporate personhood in the US under the new ruling. Do any 25-year-old corporations or unions out there care to open Pandora's Box? Since they are now also persons, when are the Feds going to collect their income taxes?

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