Monday, September 19, 2011

Cliff Notes on the State of Our Country

Here are the cliff notes of things I’ve posted in the past, both here on this blog, and on Facebook. This is what I see as what's really happening in our country (and around the world - we're not alone).

1 - A revolution in America has begun, although there's a private (corporate-owned CNN, FOX, etc.) news blackout. The attack on National Public Radio was purposeful because the corporations can't control the news disseminated by them.

2 - There's a supra-national group of mostly banks controlling things around the world, and their motivation is power and profit.

3 - The push to privatize and control public institutions is purposeful and planned, especially on education, because an uneducated populace is more easily controlled. It's about power and profit going to the corporations and the banks holding the money.

4 - The banks are funneling our money into their coffers through various straws. Here are some ways:

a - We're in 3 wars to increase the profits of private militia, and those of their owners and investors (including Cheney), and siphon our money through tax dollars.

b - TARP bailouts from our tax dollars transferred our wealth directly to the banks

c - the transfer of our property through foreclosures

d - the transfer of our wealth (our pensions/retirement incomes) through Wall Street deregulation that directly prepared the way for the planned Great Recession.

e - the attacks on unions and worker's rights and repeal of minimum wage and child labor laws are all about increasing corporate power and profits.

5 - The patenting of natural seeds, genes and life processes is about power and profit going to the corporations and the banks. It's also about controlling the population. Who controls the food, genes, and life processes, controls the people.

6 - The privatization of water - again profits and power. Who controls the water, controls the people.

7 - The privatization of health care and use of insurance companies to control health care puts the power, profit, and control of people's very lives in the hands of private corporations.

8 - The reduction of US citizen's constitutional rights and our policy of rendition, post 9-11, have given more power to the government to arrest, detain without charge or representation, torture, and disappear people. We can also be called terrorists and arrested for protesting against things.

9 - The control of our government is predominantly in the hands of corporations who send their people into government jobs to control the policies, regulations and funding of their industries. Hence, the removal of Glass-Steagall that paved the way for the Great Recession (the earlier S&L scandal was actually a dry run), removal of environmental regulations allowing free-rein to industries to produce and increase their profits without worrying about the environment and the public health. Then, many of those same corporate flunkies go right back to their high-paying jobs in corporations, having done their dirty work.

10 - The attacks on women - physical, in legislation and lack of it, in lack of economic parity and power, and in the attempted removal of basic health care screenings and denial of coverage to women - all to increase insurance company profits, is ongoing.

11 - The Supreme Court's Citizen's United decision gave corporations the rights of people. Corporations are now free to win friends and influence/control elections to their non-beating hearts' content, while they control our government and our court systems.

12 - Tort Reform has reduced access to the courts by average citizens, giving corporations more power and profit, increasing bank holdings.

13 - They're attacking people who are trying to grow their own food and live sustainably. Why would they do that? Control.

14 – Protests against their many activities at various public sites have been met with undue force, false arrests, etc.

15 – ALEC, their legislative bill-creation arm, has submitted identical bills across multiple state houses to create laws favorable to their agenda.

16 – They use the power of product defense, media ownership, propaganda, censorship, and false advertising to maintain their position.

17 – The “Secret” to their success is has not been the power of positive thinking, but precise, planned, multiple prongs of ACTION. Their positive thinking propaganda has been yet another way to control the population…by keeping us from actually DOING something about all of this. Yes, we’ll become rich and powerful by just thinking positively. Really?! They got that way by working together (conspiring) to take our economic and political power away from us.

Now, if you really have made it through to the end of this, there's more, but I think you get the gist. The only way out that I can see is that we withdraw every cent we've put into the banks and Wall Street. We've given them our own money to use to attack us. We can take our money back, and at least reduce some of their economic power. Let me summarize what's going on: The plan is to privatize as much as possible, enabling corporations to gain more control, power and profit.

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