Monday, December 21, 2009

My E-mail Demanding My Senator Support Health Care Reform

As your constituent, I respectfully demand you vote for the current health care reform bill on Christmas Eve. I'm disappointed there is no public option, yet we must do something to move reform forward. The AMA - the organization representing Americas's doctors - endorses this bill, so I'm wondering why you and ALL your fellow Republicans refuse to help your millions of constituents who are sick and literally dying from lack of health care coverage. During the past year, 20% of the U.S. population, almost 60 million people were without insurance all or some of that time.

All Americans are watching you and the Republican Party to see just who you truly represent, either we the people or the insurance and pharma industries. Favoring the very corporations, read domestic enemies, who directly deprive citizens of life by denying them health care, for profits, is against the Constitution you swore to uphold. I'd like to remind you of that Oath and intend to post this both on Facebook and on my blog.

Please stop what you and your Republican comrades have been doing, and do the right thing for the good people of this country.

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