Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What New Dreams May Come?

Dreams often begin in the shadows, until trust, hope, courage, and resilience nourish and encourage them to grow, reach towards, and then shine in the light of the present day.

This year has been the most life-altering, powerful, and positive year of my life, despite the difficulties and pressures of the outside world. So, having had such a great year, am I about to let it rest lightly upon its gilded laurels? Of course not! So, you ask, "What new dreams may come?"

I still plan on completing practical to-do lists such as getting my passport. To-do lists are fine, but dreams are so much more important. Therefore, I will continue to follow my dreams. In that light, I plan on finalizing both of my books and sending them off to publishers. If any of my readers know any publishers, I'd appreciate some assistance with contacts. It would be for a biographical children's picture book and a predominantly non-fiction book of poetry, lyrics, short stories, essays, and some of my photographs.

There are more dreams to reach towards in the coming years. I plan to start saving for professional photography equipment and a summer at Oxford University's Summer Programme in Creative Writing at Exeter. I'm hoping to attend the summer after next. They also have a wonderful Summer Programme in International Human Rights Law for which I am not yet qualified to apply, therefore that will be a few years away.

As this bright year dims, I wish you all sweet dreams. Dreams do foster hope for and create the future, and so, my dear readers, don't be afraid to set high aspirations when you dream. I've found that when I dream and visualize my future, I eventually and literally externalize my dream and create my present. My past now sparkles with many of my old, already-realized dreams. Looking back on those successes inspires me to create new dreams for my future, knowing that I can count on myself to make my own dreams come true. What dreams do you have for your future?

In this twilight of 2009, I wish you all a Healthy, Loving, Successful, Peaceful, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Such a positive, affirming post. The courses you are planning to attend sound wonderfully challenging.

    This year I dream of slowing down and spending time on my writing. Quality over quantitiy. Not feeling bad if I don't post in awhile. I want to take a lot of pleasure in the things I enjoy.

    Good luck with the books. My boyfriend will be working to publish his this year. Try to find an agent or publisher that publishes your style of book. Somewhere your work will fit in.


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