Monday, May 31, 2010

Stop BP and Government Control of Americans' Freedom of the Press

In the presence of US Coast Guard officers sworn to protect and defend American shores and American rights, representatives of British Petroleum denied journalists access to American beaches upon threat of arrest. If BP or any other corporation (e.g. Monsanto) control our press and use our military against us, we have lost yet more of our constitutional rights. Now our own government is doing the same thing.

When media access is denied or controlled, cover-ups abound and the truth, as well as the true consequences of an event, cannot be independently evaluated. This has happened in many places around the world, including Gaza. It's happening today in the United States, preventing independent evaluation of the true environmental extent and impact of the ongoing oil spill, which impedes the timely and effective remediation of this horrific environmental disaster.
Freedom of the press is necessary for the transparency through which accountability can be determined. We should all be screaming "BP Fouls Freedom and the Environment!" at the tops of our lungs! Contact your legislators and the president to demand that our right to Freedom of the Press be restored!!!

The more you use your voice, the more more power you have to create change. The more people work together to create change, the more collective power they have to make that change happen. There is strength in numbers. The change begins with you, here, now!

Here's the link you need to take action:

Watch Anderson Cooper of CNN on this:

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