Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Honor of My Father and Other Veterans on Veteran's Day

I went to visit my father's grave last month, a wee bit early for observing Veterans Day, which falls on a Tuesday this year. The grass has grown in around the grave markers. He rests close to an airport, which he would have loved, as he so enjoyed traveling. He is also buried near the lake he loved and where he used to swim, water ski, camp, hike, cookout, and enjoy the company of dear friends. The cemetery is home to families of Gambrel's quail and other indigenous species. My father is in a truly beautiful place, but I still miss him.

On this special day during which we honor our country's veterans, I would like to salute all men and women in our Armed Forces who have or who currently serve and protect our country. I appreciate your sacrifice and dedication, as well as that of your family. Bless you all!!! I hope all who currently serve will return home safe and sound.

If you are a veteran, there is a fairly new website that was formed to promote communication among all members of the armed forces community, whether active duty, retired, veteran — or family member, friend, or supporter of the military. The number of veterans returning from WWII were approximately 25% of the entire US population. Current returning veterans are now less than 2% of the entire population, so it is much more difficult to find other veterans with whom you can speak. This is why this website was formed by the folks at http://www.amvets.org/. If you're interested, this is the link: http://www.myvetwork.com/. Best wishes to all of you!

Oh, and Dad...
you would have loved the first pork loin roast I ever cooked. You were a truly great cook. Maybe your talent is finally rubbing off on me. When I saw how it turned out and tasted it, it absolutely reminded me of you, and your love of cooking and good food.

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