Thursday, November 27, 2008


Some things I'm thankful for...
My home and my wonderful pets
A fairly secure job
My friends and relatives
My beautiful and contemplative backyard garden
My relatively good health
The lower price of gas, reducing financial stress
The growing heightened awareness of people about our environment
Hope for my country after 8 years of darkness and shame
Creativity, including this blog
Garage sales in which you can find beautiful things

Singing and dancing in my kitchen when no one is watching or listening
The light and warmth of the sun and the cooling depths of night
Blooming flowers and the hummingbirds, butterflies and bees that also enjoy them
The way plants sway in the breeze and the sound of the wind as it passes through them
The sound of birdsong
Music and art
Things that live and grow
The giggles and laughter of babies and children
The persistence of diplomacy in its quest for peaceful conflict resolution live and breathe in this world
Travel to explore and exchange ideas and cultures
Writing and photography to express myself
Books that open up new and unexplored worlds of ideas
The Internet that brings the vast world into my home
The infinite timelessness of rocks, the earth, and the universe; all living on such a grand scale I can only imagine

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