Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our New President - Barack Obama

The people have been heard with an overwhelmingly resounding voice! We have elected Barack Obama as our new president! We have also elected 56 Democratic Senators (so far, as there are votes too close to call on some Senatorial elections) to change the balance of power in the halls of our Capitol.

I truly hope that this new president will be able to heal the wounds of the past 8 years, reinstate the freedoms for which our founding fathers fought so hard, and help the US earn the respect of the international community once again. I hope he can lead us up and out of the dark void into which our current President has led us. I pray he will use peace and equity as guiding principles for his leadership.

My hopes also reach towards an equitable, progressive economy that benefits all, not just the rich and powerful; health care for all, so that those 79 million Americans without health insurance will no longer have to trade bankruptcy for their health; a clean energy policy that brings sustainability and protects our national security; environmental protections reinstated and expanded, as well as leadership on international climate change and global warming initiatives; an education policy that actually gets funded and treats educators as professionals, instead of people who don't know what they're doing; a strong implementation of diplomacy and peacemaking, instead of war-mongering; stop the torture of prisoners, close Guantanamo, follow the Geneva Convention, and withdraw most of our troops from Iraq.

I have many more dreams for our country and I pray that our new leaders and all citizens remain safe and secure so that our new president has a real chance to make positive changes happen in our United States of America!

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