Friday, November 28, 2008

Teapot Dome III? Corruption-Free Elections?

Well, back in 2002, an article compared the Enron scandal under Bush to the Teapot Dome scandal under Harding, formerly considered the worst President in US history. I'm wondering if there will be a third (or fourth) Teapot Dome-style scandal that will come to light, perhaps, once again, in relation to oil. If you're interested in learning about the 1920's Teapot Dome scandal, check out this link...

All of these scandals, whether under the aegis of Republican or Democratric rule, could be reduced by prohibiting ANY donations, favors or undue influence to/from politicians, elected officials or candidates. Concurrently, publicly financed elections with reasonable monetary caps would give all comers an even chance, thus including candidates who are as highly qualified, yet less-affluent. Wealth does not necessarily breed superiority, moral or intellectual. It does often, however, tend to breed a sense of entitlement and false sense of superiority that are antithetical to the tenets of equality guaranteed to all citizens by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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