Friday, January 30, 2009

Arrogance, Greed and Excess

Arrogance, greed and excess abound in America. Let's see...

Exxon made, once again, record-breaking profits in 2008, while we were struggling to pay $4.30/gallon for regular, unleaded gas

Nearly $20 billion in Wall Street bonuses were paid out (don't forget that the average Wall Street employee makes 3-4x the salary of the average American worker), as they laughed all the way to their banks while they took billions in bail-out money out of taxpayers' pockets

Citigroup picked up a new, multi-million dollar corporate jet, while taking billions in bail-out money out of taxpayer's pockets

A single mother of six children, who lives with her parents, just gave birth to octuplets, implanted via IVF for who knows what reason. Who will pay for the hospital bills, health care, clothing, food, daycare, etc. for all 14 children? The taxpayers???

The CEO of Morgan Stanley used $1.2 million of shareholder money to redecorate his office, including an approximately $34,000 toilet

The crippled mortgage industry, high foreclosure rates, bank failures, business closures, lay-offs, unemployment, higher food and energy prices, inability to get new loans due to bailout money-hoarding by banks and financial institutions...

and the list just keeps on growing!

I'm thankful to have my job, a place to live, and food on my table. I pray for those who are victims of all of this arrogance, greed and excess, and hope they have the courage and fortitude to survive this Depression.

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