Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mr. Burris Goes to Washington

Mr. Burris went to Washington this morning, and was rejected, left standing in the rain without a Senate seat. When Attorney General Roland Burris was appointed to the Senate by Illinois Governor Blogojevich, his own ethics were questioned; a case of guilt by association. Any appointment made by the current Governor would have been tainted. Burris' insistence in both disregarding the wishes of his fellow Democrats and, especially his expectation of being seated ahead of his legal certification, may now call his own decision-making ability into question. However, I believe he was right to insist his appointment was legal. Blogojevich is still Governor and he appointed Burris to that honorable position.

All citizens are still innocent until proven guilty, no matter how much evidence is entered against a person. Blogojevich has not yet been tried, never mind found guilty. If the Senate still refuses to seat Burris when his papers are complete, they are usurping the legal process, the rule of law, and the foundation of the Constitution itself by making themselves both judge and jury. The Senate may judge its own qualifications, but that is not the same as questioning ethics. Qualifications are not ethics, as evidenced by the fact that many members of Congress have been tried and convicted of many different crimes! Honestly, if they're going to question Burris' ethics, they should also be looking at each other's ethics. If ethics were a qualification for being seated in the Senate, there would many empty seats. Separate the issues and keep your eyes on the ball. Mr. Burris should be seated.

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