Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Green... Lip Service

Okay, I totally get being rich and/or famous and wanting to be at President-Elect Barack Obama's Inauguration. However, a runway will have to be closed to air traffic, causing delays to the average traveler, to give over 500 private jets a place to park. How much fuel will be wasted to carry so few in so many private jets? Why can't these rich people save parking spaces and fuel by jet-pooling? Remember global warming, national security, and our addiction to oil, anyone? How about common courtesy to others less fortunate, by not hogging a runway so your jet has a parking space? Privilege shouldn't mean selfishness or irresponsibility!

Years ago, many of the rich traveled first class, on the same planes as the rest of us or got together to charter a plane. I remember once seeing Paul Newman heading off to his flight as I was heading towards baggage claim... and, no, I didn't bother him by saying hello, as I was too busy doing my own thing.

Now, the rich and famous make soooo much money that they each own their own private jets, wasting an inordinate amount of fuel, so that these few people can travel set apart from the rest of the world. No wonder why the ultra-rich are often so out of touch with reality. I certainly hope that the same people traveling by private jet aren't into the green movement, because if they are, their participation is only green lip service!

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