Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Children Murdered for Political Gain, Yet Again

When will grown men and women stop killing innocent children over their own adult disputes? If Hamas members were using children as shields, they're murderers and cowards who deny others their right to self-determination. The Israelis, today, are simply child killers. One can use any kind of rationalization or excuse, but, the bottom line is that many innocent children are dead! Is it really that easy to just push a button on something that you know will kill children? Could you stand one foot away from your own children, look them in the eyes, see their fear and tears, then pull the trigger point-blank? It's no different! Shame on all those responsible!

ADDENDUM, 1/8/09
Israel had repeatedly assured the UN and Red Cross that they could safely bring humanitatian aide into Gaza, yet Israel did not cease firing on and near these aide convoys. Today, Israel killed a United Nations aide contractor. Now, both the UN and Red Cross have suspended aide. In an unprecedented statement, the Red Cross has accused Israel of preventing them from reaching injured civilians. The UN Security Council, today, called for a cease fire. My own country stood by and abstained! Shameful!! Hamas and Israel both need to STOP!!!

I just read this in an email from Amnesty International (AI): "The recent report AI co-authored in March 2008, The Gaza Strip: A Humanitarian Implosion. That research exposed the escalating humanitarian crisis in Gaza: over 80% live in absolute poverty, unemployment is close to 40%, households spend over 60% on food, and power outages keep hospitals from treating the critically ill."

Would any of you accept these living conditions without trying to do something about them, one way or another? As I stated in an earlier post, creating such horrible, inhumane conditions breeds rebellion and extremism. Examples of people's reactions to similar conditions can be found throughout history. One of the best ways to rid the world of extremism and terror is to treat all humans with respect and maintain their basic human rights.

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